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What is meant by “one-trip” new containers

Did you know that more than 500,000 new sea containers are manufactured a year over in factories based in China?

They have teams of workers, completing different areas of the containers, moving them along giant conveyor belts!

It’s an amazing sight to see, some of our staff have been to a factory outside of Shanghai and seen refrigerated containers being fabricated, the teams of workers certainly know their parts.

The containers are bought in bulk by shipping lines and suppliers (such as Sea Containers WA) and begin their sea voyage to their nominated country.
Generally, these units are packed with minimal damaging cargo like paper or plastic and used by freight forwarders to move to their nominated countries, therefore cutting down on expensive shipping costs for the end users. This is where the new build containers get their name ‘one trip unit’.

Once the container is unpacked it gets delivered via truck to a sea container depot, like Sea Containers WA (I guess we should really be calling them “two-trip units”!).
Although the container is only shipped once and on-sold to our lovely clients!