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Wellard Meat Processing Arctic Superstore install

On the 9th and 10th of  February, Shane Bettinson, our Refrigerated Container, specialist and Danny Fulton, our Superstore installation guru, completed yet another 40ft refrigerated Superstore install in only two days.Original contact with our client first took place in December 2015 when they came out and viewed our very first installation here in Western Australia.
Our client is a meat exporter, who required additional chilled meat storage capacity. In order to not impact on their existing frozen storage an opening was to be cut into the wall for the containers to join into a processing wing of the operation.

Situated in Beaufort River (35km north of Kojonup) the site is the head quarters for our client and their gateway to major global export markets.

This installation was more challenging than any previously undertaken, this Superstore was to be placed on a support platform standing 1600mm off the ground. Our client undertook the supply and install of the platform and delivered millimetre perfect precision both length and width wise!!
Exceptional work was also performed by Collie Crane Hire (as the video can attest) to placing both containers onto the platform with 300mm clearance from the shed roof beams.

At the end of the operation our client was extremely impressed with both the product itself and our ability to coordinate the execution of the installation.