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Water Corp – Silver containers

We were approached by our customer with a requirement to build and refurbish their Fire Incident control containersThe Water Corporation work in conjunction with the Department of Parks & Wildlife to respond to Bush fire emergencies. They’re required to assist with water supply, first aid, generators, fire extinguishers and additional hoses. The containers mainly consist of Standard and Side Opening 20’HC units. Due to the harshness of the environment, these containers have specific requirements for Temperature Resistance, Ventilation and Internal fit outs. The containers are packed with various tools, PPE equipment, and pallets of bottled water ready to be deployed when a fire emergency is imminent.

The biggest challenge for us was to find a suitable external coating to withstand the hi ambient temperature of the fire zone, also with Hi-visibility as a key requirement in the potential low visibility of smoke and fire. One of our key suppliers came up with an Oleoresinous Aluminium Paint, with a heat resistance rating to withstand temperatures of up to 250 Degrees C, and with a shiny aluminium finish, providing excellent visibility. This paint was a real challenge for our guys to apply, and through consultation with the manufacturer the final result speaks for itself. Fitted with Custom Ventilation, Hazard Tape, custom internal fitouts, we have again supplied the perfect containerised solution to another happy customer.