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Southside BMX Club Sponsorship

Sea Containers WA was recently approached by the team at Southside BMX Club Inc. to see if we could help them out with their container needs for a modified canteen.

Southside BMX Club Inc. is one of the oldest BMX clubs in Western Australia, with some of our own Sea Containers WA staff remembering racing on their Bullcreek track when they were young. The club has over 200 members ranging from 4 to over 40 years of age.

They had been donated a 40ft container by another company, but were looking for someone to assist them with converting the container into a canteen for their track in Bullcreek.

After visiting our yard and speaking with our Modifications Manager, Brett, things moved very quickly! Sea Containers WA agreed to modify the container with no costs raised to Southside BMX Club Inc. as part of a sponsorship package.

Within one month of visiting our yard, we had completed works on the container and it had left our yard, on its way to the track, with Southside BMX Club Inc. getting ready for the next race at their track to show off their new canteen and well in time for the 2014 State Titles being hosted at the track!