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Sea Containers WA creates sleeping quarters for the Sea Shepherd Perth crew

One fine day in May, the great guys from Sea Shepherd Australia contacted Sea Containers WA regarding the need for a ‘sleeping compartment’ on deck.Knowing the great work that Sea Shepherd do worldwide in protecting the eco system and exposing the illegal slaughter of wildlife at sea, the Sea Containers WA team knew that we had to help these guys get some well deserved rest!

We organised a face-to-face meeting with some of the Sea Shepherd crew, including a few international crew members, to discuss what they wanted to achieve out of the modified container.

What did we find out…the guys wanted a nice relaxed feel to a shared bedroom for some of the crew, but not sure what would work within a confined container space.

That’s where we come in!

With some creative thinking from Sea Shepherd Australia, and the know-how from our skilled work shop team, we built the perfect solution.

  • A 20′ High Cube container, fully insulated to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • An aircon with an internal recess for the compressor, ensuring the container itself remained in-gauge for moving on/off the vessel, but that the crew could stay comfortable inside.
  • We installed two big windows for natural light and air flow. With crashing waves a common occurrence we came up with sliding shutters with quick attach/release locking mechanism.
  • We also installed a small vanity, and fitted the container out with internal electrics as well.

As all good sailors know, the sea is not always ‘smooth sailing’ and we couldn’t have beds sliding around, so we drilled holes to attach the bunk beds to reinforced supports hidden behind the insulation.

Safe sailing to the Sea Shepherd crew and keep up the great work guys.

Below testimonial was received after delivery of the container to the vessel when in Port. 

“Hey guys,

We just finished the securing of the container and it looks amazing.
Thank you very much for your help, your professionalism and your patience. We really appreciated working with you. Thank you”

Antoine Amory
MV Ocean Warrior
Sea Shepherd Global