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Score Box for the Peel Metropolitan Horse and Pony Club

Sea Containers WA is a proud supporter of community groups and not for profit agencies, and we take pride in helping out local groups where we can.

One of our staff members has his twin daughters attending the Peel Metropolitan Horse and Pony Club, and after talking to the local members he heard about how one of their senior volunteers, Dianne Ould, was frustrated when she was scoring the events and having to sit inside the building, to keep herself out of the sun!

The Peel Horse and Pony Club has over 130 members, and has a strong adult rider club who use the club grounds once a month on Saturdays to keep up their training.
They provide training days for various events their riders are due to compete in, they hold  regular competitions, and even host 8 events throughout the year for their own members and allow outside riders to compete also.
All the events are one-day events for various disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, cross country and hacking.
They even hold a fitness class on Monday nights for their members.

After learning of all the events and competitions that Dianne attends and scores at, and wanting to alleviate the time she has to spend under direct sun, we decided to help out with a small shipping container, modified for the club.
We insulated the container internally with paneling, installed an aircon and some lights, we even put in a lockable hatch  with an internal bench underneath. The container also received a nice paint job externally, helping it to blend into its new surroundings.

We delivered the container to site and installed it in a nice shady spot overlooking the grounds, and Dianne now has an area to look over the grounds and keep track of all the competing riders, no longer missing anything that goes on!

If you are looking for a tack room with shelving or peg racks, storage for your hay and stock feed, or simply a dry and secure area to store your bridles and saddles, contact one of our friendly staff at Sea Containers WA to find out how we can assist you.