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Safety First

At Sea Containers WA we firmly believe that “the safe way is the only way!”

Whether our staff are typing away in the office, having a break in the lunch room or painting containers in our workshop, we are reminded daily that safety is our number one concern.

All staff and visitors must wear enclosed shoes and visitors are provided with hi-vis safety vests which must be worn if they are to be walking through our yard.

Keeping safe has become second nature to our staff at Sea Containers WA, so much so that it sometimes comes as a surprise when visitors point our actions out to us.

We had a potential client visit our yard recently who was very impressed with our safety practices. As standard with Sea Containers WA, if any staff are to be walking clients through the yard we use our two-way radios to make our forklift drivers aware, in turn if our forklift drivers find themselves rounding a corner and see Sea Containers WA staff in their path they ensure we are aware of their presence by sounding their horns.

Before leaving our yard, this client pointed out that he was in fact the Safety Office for his company, and had been thoroughly impressed with how all Sea Containers WA staff had handled themselves while he had been here, mentioning that he had not seen another container yard so safety conscious before.