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JumpClimb leaps on board with Sea Containers WA

JumpClimb has been one of our interesting storage clients, they jumped (and climbed) on board with Sea Containers WA in 2016JumpClimb is a creative agency focused on creating, managing and marketing diverse events and businesses, with a strong focus on supporting Perth’s burgeoning creative, music and arts scene. 

Sea Containers WA assist JumpClimb with all their storage needs, they access their containers once every 3 months or throughout the festive season, the units store event equipment and such. 

We work closely alongside Ashleen and Paul so we can fit their schedule perfectly, when the containers need to come out of storage we provide the transport to the festive grounds. This takes a lot of organisation as the containers are generally needed in specific areas or even double stacked and craned. We don’t just store/transport we also hire out specialised units fitting to each event, for example we have offered office containers for their staff members or even dry containers for them to style in their own creative way. We love helping them and we love their events even more!

JumpClimb has organised many festivals throughout Perth over the years, including the Beaufort Street Festival, Rottofest, Aviary Rooftop Sessions and Noodle Palace. 

Noodle Palace is one of JumpClimbs entity’s and is also one of Fringe Worlds Sensational Perth events. Its sectioned off and they have music, bars, food and even carnival games with prizes to be won. 

We have been collaborationg with Noodle Palace for over a year now. They are great to deal with and manage their events excellently. If you haven’t had a chance to experience Noodle Palace down on Elizabeth Quay you should try to get to one of their next events, you will be sure to bump into one of the Sea Containers WA crew, we love their events!!