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How to prepare for delivery of my container

We often find our customers calling and asking about the placement of their container, how best to sit it on site, so we thought we would write up a few items that will help you ensure you get the most out of your container.

1. It is best to ensure your container is placed on a flat and even surface. We recommend placing shipping containers level, to ensure easy opening of the doors, at the same time we recommend the containers should be sitting off the ground on level blocks (say sleeper logs for example, or fortified blocks), to allow air flow through the floor and air circulation around the container.

2. Make sure you can easily open and close the doors when the container is delivered. Our drivers are committed to ensuring you are happy with your container prior to leaving your premises, and they can show you how to open and close your container doors safely, just ask them for a simple demonstration if you are unsure!

3. Take into consideration the placement of the doors of your container when it is dropped off transport; you want to make sure you can easily access the container on your property and avoid having to carry heavy boxes or equipment more than you have to. Different trucks offload the containers on different angles and sides; if you are unsure just ask one of our staff to give you more of an idea.

4. Remember, your container will heat up when in direct sunlight. If possible, try to have it placed in an area with shade, such as alongside another building. If packing personal belongings inside, remember that anything with water content (washing machines, dehumidifiers) should be drained, to avoid a build-up of condensation inside.

Need more assistance? Just contact our office and our friendly staff will be happy to help you out. We look forward to being able to assist you and your family with any container requirements you may have.