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How heavy are shipping containers?

The weight of a shipping container depends on its size, and you can get many sizes and types of containers too!

The two general, or more well-used sizes of shipping containers are 20ft and 40ft containers, and between them they have a few variations on sizes (GP, general purpose, external height 2.6m; HC, high cubes, external height 2.9m), and even types (Open Tops, Flat Racks, Open Side), each with their own specifications, including the container tare weight.

An empty 20ft standard container has a tare weight of 2.2T, whereas an empty 40ft standard container has a tare weight of 3.6T.

Standard shipping containers have a maximum loaded weight of 30T, meaning that, if you include the weight of the container itself, you can safely pack between 25-28T (dependent on the size of container you have chosen) and the container will be able to be safely loaded on trucks, rail and on shipping line vessels.

Always remember, when booking in transport of your packed container to advise the correct weight, as some trucks can only carry certain weights, and you need to ensure that companies are going to send out the correct truck to your home or place of business, otherwise you may find yourself having to pay for two trucks to be sent out!

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