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How can I secure my possessions inside a container

Shipping containers are great for storage.
They are designed with “lashing rings” inside, top and bottom on both side walls.

These lashing rings are metal rings designed to be used as tie down points. You can use these to strap your belongings to the side walls and keep everything inside the shipping container nice and secure.

The lashing rings are 12mm in diameter and have a capacity of 1500 kgs.

Great for securing mattresses or large pieces of furniture to the walls, helping to keep your belongings safe for transport.

On a standard 20ft shipping container you will find there are five metal rings on the top and bottom rails on both side walls, giving you 20 tie down points.

On a standard 40ft shipping container, this is doubled. Giving you 40 tie down points in total.
These also work great to allow you to strap the wheels of your car to keep it secure if you are moving a vehicle inside.

Just remember, if you are moving a vehicle by rail or sea transport, you will need to check with your freight forwarder or customs broker to make sure it is packed correctly to avoid additional costs to declare it as special cargo.

If you would like to discuss any of this further, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff who would be happy to talk it through with you, here at Sea Containers WA we are committed to ensuring you are happy with all aspects of your container hire or purchase.