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Kevin Cooper

Managing Director

Kevin started Sea Containers WA in 2008, having spent 20 years working in the shipping industry, both in Australia and overseas. His last role was as Country Manager for MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) working out of Christchurch, New Zealand, where he and his family developed many friendships and a deep love for the country.

Kevin has spent his entire career in the wider shipping, container and logistics industries, and that experience has helped him grow Sea Containers WA into one of the most respected providers of shipping containers, modified units and storage solutions in Western Australia.

In his downtime, Kevin enjoys Stand Up Paddle Boarding, spending time with his family at their holiday house and riding his bike!

Being a keen cyclist, he can be found riding the roads around Perth in the early hours of the morning, generally in training for an annual overseas event. He has tackled the Around Lake Taupo 160km Cycle Challenge for the last five years running, generally combining the trip with a visit to the office of Sea Containers NZ, which he established in 2010, with ex MSC New Zealand colleague, Haddon Lock.

“I’ve enjoyed trying to create an environment where people like to come to work (as much as one can!), enjoy the day to day challenge that leads to our company vision and be surrounded by a great team of colleagues that like to have fun. On a personal front, I believe a positive attitude is critical coupled with a strong focus on work/life balance.”

Brett Ozanne

STATE Manager

Brett has been with Sea Containers WA since 2008, being one of the first staff members recruited by our esteemed MD. Having nearly 18 years experience in container hires, sales and modifications and 20 years in fabrication, he is an expert in all things containers, especially Modifications. He is now focused on his own personal development as his role extends into Senior Management and Business Development.

Brett is also a very experienced and keen Kayak fisherman, recently releasing the reigns of his online forum YakFishWest, and has an extensive Youtube video library of his fishing adventures. He also loves resurrecting vintage Hifi and listening to music alongside his two beautiful young daughters in his Mancave. Brett loves camping and anything that gets him or his young family outside and enjoying the Aussie bush.

“We strive for a high quality finish in everything we do; I take pride in knowing that any modification jobs that leave our site are going to exceed our clients expectations.”

Hollie McInall

Operations Manager

Hollie joined the Total Containers team in 2017 and has since become an integral part of the company. Whether it’s running the day to day operations of the depot, selling containers or being the self-appointed DJ (Not sure who approved this!), she’s always willing to help anyone out with any task.

Over the years Hollie has gained experience in many different aspects of the business, moving from Customer Service to Operations within her first 4 years at the company and always looking to broaden her knowledge.

Before commencing at Total Containers, Hollie worked in Retail for 10 years, and then moved onto the Waste industry before making her stop in the shipping world!

During her free time, Hollie enjoys spending time with her friends, indulging in a cocktail (or two..), spending time with her family, or binge watching a good TV series.

“Team work makes the dream work.”

Regen Foot


Regen joined Total Containers in July 2020, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her 20 years working with MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) in both Australia and New Zealand!

Since joining the Modifications department at Total Containers, she
has learnt that containers have so many more abilities than just shipping. 

In her downtime, Regen enjoys powerlifting! Since her start in 2020 she’s competed in two Novice competitions and taken out GOLD.. In early 2021 she competed in her first ever sanctioned competition (and of course took our GOLD what other colour is there…). Regen says that her training has given her the tools and beliefs that anything out there is possible to achieve. 

Regen is a big believer that you should never stop learning, because life never stops teaching us what we are capable of and what we can achieve.

“Every new day begins with possibilities” 

Trevor Puckeridge

Customer Service Officer

Trevor joined the Total Containers team in June of 2019 at
the ripe “old” age of 19, and has since become our self-proclaimed “Number 1 Sales person”.

Trevor has a passion for dad jokes, customer service and sales; and on a personal level he enjoys maintaining his health, and working with his local church group in supporting the development of youth.

With a love for good food, Tony Robbins motivational videos,
and, most of all… Iced Coffee (nearly as much as his fiancé, but don’t tell her he said that!), Trevor spends a lot of his spare time training for his beloved Kwinana soccer team to work off all those Iced Coffees!

When not working, playing soccer or dining out, Trevor will be found planning for his upcoming nuptials in 2022…and all the Total Containers team are eagerly awaiting their invite.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” 


Jayden Bootsma

Customer Service Officer

Jayden joined Total Containers in 2021 after 5 years in the mining industry, where he spent time with multiple tier 1 companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences and looks forward to providing a new outlook on customer service from a mining point of view.

Since ditching the FIFO life for new opportunities with Total Containers, Jayden spends most of his time with his 2 young children. 

Anyone who knows Jayden will know he comes from a sporting background and that has continued throughout his life. In the warmer months you will find him mastering his craft on the golf course and in the winter months you will find him playing football… providing a highlights package that rivals the best of them.

 “You don’t come this far to only come this far”


Lil Treloar

Container Controller

Since joining Sea Containers WA in December 2013, Lil has become an integral member of our team.

Her bright personality lights up the office every day, and she has become such a regular face for the drivers through the depot that many are quite disappointed when greeted with another staff member, always asking “Where’s Lil? Is she not going to help me today?”.

Despite suffering from sea sickness, Lil loves to spend time on the water whenever she can, and has been known to bring in a few good size fish over the years, even though she hates seafood and refuses to eat it!

“I believe that the key to a great day at work relies in your attitude; a smile goes a long way. I always try to lift the spirits of my team members at Sea Containers WA with a laugh here and there, even if it is at my own expense!”

Rodrigo Kadowaki


Rod was introduced to the container industry for the first time in 2017 when he joined the Account team here at Total Containers.

In 2014 Rod made the big move from Brazil to Australia, where he worked for the largest financial industry in the Country. With his background in banking and finance, Rod made the move to complete his postgraduate studies in Accounting.

In his spare time, Rod enjoys cooking while listening to music or podcasts.