Kevin Cooper

Managing Director

Kevin started Sea Containers WA in 2008, having spent 20 years working in the shipping industry, both in Australia and overseas. His last role was as Country Manager for MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) working out of Christchurch, New Zealand, where he and his family developed many friendships and a deep love for the country.

Kevin has spent his entire career in the wider shipping, container and logistics industries, and that experience has helped him grow Sea Containers WA into one of the most respected providers of shipping containers, modified units and storage solutions in Western Australia.

In his downtime, Kevin enjoys Stand Up Paddle Boarding, spending time with his family at their holiday house and riding his bike!

Being a keen cyclist, he can be found riding the roads around Perth in the early hours of the morning, generally in training for an annual overseas event. He has tackled the Around Lake Taupo 160km Cycle Challenge for the last five years running, generally combining the trip with a visit to the office of Sea Containers NZ, which he established in 2010, with ex MSC New Zealand colleague, Haddon Lock.

” I’ve enjoyed trying to create an environment where people like to come to work (as much as one can!), enjoy the day to day challenge that leads to our company vision and be surrounded by a great team of colleagues that like to have fun. On a personal front, I believe a positive attitude is critical coupled with a strong focus on work/life balance.”

Ben Truscott

General Manager Operations

Ben joined Sea Containers WA in 2012, coming to the team with over 12 years of experience in the shipping industry. Ben has held both commercial and operational positions with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and Patrick Stevedores in Fremantle.

Ben enjoys watching his fellow employees set and achieve challenging objectives. He has a passion for Ironman Triathlons, he believes a good work / life balance makes for a more productive and high achieving employee.

” I believe one of the keys to working in a successful business is to surround yourself with great people; we are lucky to have the team we have. Each person within our business is highly skilled and highly motivated towards delivering great customer service. I am always excited about the next phase of business for Sea Containers WA.”

Michael Gormally

General Manager Sales

Leaving the shores of the Emerald Isle in 2012, Michael set his sights on Perth and within a week of landing he found his new industry, Container hire and sales.
Michael joined Sea Containers WA in early 2017 and it feels like he has been here forever!

He has 6 years experience in the industry and boasts broad experience and knowledge in the oil and gas sector, we knew he would be a great addition to the team.

You may catch Michael running around Perth, or cycling with our MD Kevin; Kevin got him involved in a 400km charity cycle within a month of starting with us…not sure Michael was expecting THAT when he signed up.

” I enjoy getting up in the morning with a determined attitude of what I wish to achieve that day, be it bringing some laughter to the office, offering guidance to my colleagues or providing a solution for a client. The focus and hard work within our staff is a huge inspiration to bring the ‘best you’ to work every day. “

Brett Ozanne

Modifications Manager

Brett has been with Sea Containers WA since 2008, being one of the first staff members recruited by our esteemed MD. Having nearly 15 years experience in container hires, sales and modifications and 20 years in fabrication, he is an expert in all things containers and especially Modifications. Brett is also a very experienced Kayak fisherman, recently releasing the reigns of his online forum YakFishWest due to his external fishing commitments. Brett is frequently placed in the top five in Western Australia for Kayak Fishing and really loves camping, and anything that gets him or his young family outside and enjoying the aussie bush. “We strive for a high quality finish in everything we do; I take pride in knowing that any modification jobs that leave our site are going to exceed our clients expectations.”

Jo Van Boldrik

Customer Service & Social Media Supervisor

After working for a major shipping line for a few years, Jo joined our team at Sea Containers WA in January 2013 and hit the ground running, climbing the ranks from CS Officer to Supervisor within a year. Hailing from New Zealand originally, Jo has a background in banking and finance, but took to shipping and containers like a duck to water. You may have spotted some international containers on our Social Media pages over the years; Jo is an avid traveller and loves to seek out new countries, and is slowly making her way around Europe and Asia. She has been to many different countries, and loves trying out local delicacies and immersing herself in the local culture. While she may not be fluent in many languages, she surely knows a lot of different basic sentences and greetings in many different languages! “Each client whether big or small, deserves to be treated the same way. A small Mum and Dad job is just as important to me as a large corporation and I try to maintain that high level of enthusiasm and customer service with each.”

Hollie McInall

Customer Service Officer

Hollie is the youngest member of the Sea Containers WA team, after joining in 2017. Those sending through online enquiries will be very familiar with Hollie and her quick replies. Although she is the youngest staff member, she began working in retail at the age of 13, then moving into the Waste industry and now the shipping industry! With 10 years of customer service experience, she will go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your container needs. She is enjoying learning about anything and everything container related. During her free time, Hollie enjoys spending time with her family and friends (especially her two adorable nieces), baking, and binge watching a good TV series. “Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

Bernice Porter

Key Account Manager

Since joining the Sea Containers WA team in August 2014, Bernice has hit the ground running. Bernice is known for her tenacious spirit in the work arena, and has been nicknamed “the stalker” previously, only because she doesn’t give up! Born, educated and worked in Zimbabwe for most of her life, Bernice loves English Literature and majored in it in college, while also studying Clothing Technology and Sale & Marketing Management After working with the same label clothing manufacturer as the Export Sales & Marketing Manager, when the market crumbled, Bernice put her best foot forward and made the move to South Africa, where she was based for six years before heading to our fair shores in Australia. Bernice is active in counseling and motivating youth and women in the community. She has had her fair share of health challenges over the years and can truly say that helping others has given her a sense of purpose and drives her to maximize her potential. “Keep smiling; remain unshakable, pleasant, confident, receptive, respectful, mind-full, determined, patient and positive!”

Daniel Martins

Finance Manager

Daniel joined the Sea Containers WA team in 2012. He started his career managing his family business while studying Economics back in his home country of Brazil. Later in his life he worked for the most prominent power company in Brazil, ELETROBRAS, and under a team of experts very well respected in their area. Daniel decided to come to Australia to undertake a Master Degree in Accounting, and he has made Australia his new home. Daniel is self-motivated and enjoys the challenges presented by a high growing business such as Sea Containers WA. Daniel is currently based in Melbourne with our sister company, Total Containers Australia. “I believe the key to a good life is a balance among mind, body and spirit. Take care of your spirit, and push your mind and body to the limit. Why thrive for anything less?”

Lil Harries

Container Controller

Since joining Sea Containers WA in December 2013, Lil has become an integral member of our team. Any visitors or drivers to our yard will spot Lil behind her mesh fencing (for your safety, mind you!), securing the depot and making all visitors feel welcome with a smiling face. Her bright personality lightens up the office every day, and she has become such a regular face for the drivers through the depot that many are quite disappointed when greeted with another staff member, always asking “Where’s Lil? Is she not going to help me today?”. Lil always goes above and beyond for our clients and customers, treating each enquiry with the same level of importance, and ensuring all queries are carried out to a high standard, leaving our major customers such as Agility Logistics, Seaco Oceania, CPI Group and Chevron CKJV all very happy with her speed of service. Lil is a very active gardener since moving with her partner to their new property; with five acres of space, they have spent the last year building it up to a garden even Costa Georgiadis would be envious of! Despite suffering from sea sickness, Lil loves to spend time on the water whenever she can, and has been known to bring in a few good size fish over the years, even though she hates seafood and refuses to eat it! “I believe that the key to a great day at work relies in your attitude; a smile goes a long way. I always try to lift the spirits of my team members at Sea Containers WA with a laugh here and there, even if it is at my own expense!”

Helen Butson

Administration Manager

Helen joined the team at Sea Containers WA on a very lucky day, St Patricks Day 2014! Helen joined us as our Administration Manager after working as a PA to the directors of a large civil concrete company. With many years in the banking and finance industry, and five years running her own finance brokerage in Albany, Helen has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the team. With a great determination, Helen has been key in keeping our accounts in tip-top shape, regularly touching base with our many varied clients Accounts teams to ensure our credit terms are adhered to. In her spare time, you will most likely find Helen practising her swing on her local golf course. She has quite an impressive golf average from what we hear! Helen is a practising MasterChef, bringing many varied baking and cooking experiments into the office for our team to try, we are very willing guinea pigs I might add. When not baking, catching up with family, or playing a round of gold, Helen will most likely be found relaxing with a good Linda La Plant mystery, and contemplating the week ahead at work. “You must never stop learning. There is always something new to keep your mind active, and and active mind is a healthy mind!”